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Cast and Characters

Charles De Girl
Code Name: Sassy
Voice: Sharon Horgan
Special Skills: Master of the art of the disguise.
Notes: Beautiful, Brave and all about business.

Code Name: Fireball
Voice: Buckley Collum
Special Skills: Expert in the art of sabotage.
Notes: Ready to burst into action as soon as he's given the slightest provocation.

Code Name: Crusty
Voice: Jim Broadbent
Special Skills: Screaming at the troops.
Notes: Highly decorated combat veteran.

Code Name: Windy
Voice: Dan Roberts
Special Skills: Hard headed and always ready for a scrumb.
Notes: Twin brother of Toughwood, first to hatch, and the smarter of not so smart twins. Assigned to Squad F.

Code Name: Flying Chicken
Voice: Brian Lonsdale
Special Skills: Nutcracker
Notes: Bird brained and not afraid to use it. Assigned to Squad F.

Voice: Hugh Laurie

Code Name: Hot Chick
Voice: Olivia Williams
Special Skills: The Art of Healing
Notes: Has a crush of Valiant

Code Name: Thadius Worthington Pigeon the III
Voice: Pip Torrens
Special Skills: Well read and underfed
Notes: Over bred and underfed. Assigned to Squad F.

Code Name: Stinky
Voice: Ricky Gervais
Special Skills: Can burp the alphabet on Q
Notes: Valiant's loyal friend. Can talk his way out of everything but a shower.

Code Name: Pipsqueak
Voice: Ewan McGregor
Special Skills: No fear, never give up attitude
Notes: It's not the size of the fight in the bird, it's the size of his spirit.

General Von Talon
Code Name: Cyclops
Voice: Tim Curry
Special Skills: Search and destroy.
Notes: Once met, never forgotten.

Code Name: Big boy
Voice: Michael Schlingmann
Special Skills: Muscle
Notes: Loves to fly, flies to work and likes to wear pink on the weekends.

Code Name: The Wrench
Voice: Rik Mayall
Special Skills: Grovelling
Notes: Loves to hunt, lives to fly.